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For QB25, the first QuestBridge Scholar Summit commemorating their 25th anniversary, we took cues from QuestBridge’s maze logo and transformed it into a colorful and celebratory event logo designed to illustrate diversity and the different pathways to success.

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The founder’s German heritage and her favorite spice inspired the name of this artisan bakery blog — Zimt being the German word for cinnamon.


Where the rubber meets the road. This pioneering tech company provides risk assessment to insurers and owners of autonomous vehicles.

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SIERRA CLUB / 125th Anniversary

Sierra Club, America’s largest grassroots environmental organization, is celebrating a big birthday – 125! To mark the special event, we created a commemorative logo using the concentric circles of tree rings to represent their ongoing growth and development. In infographic style, two clean lines point toward inception and this milestone anniversary.

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Vyou is a new Roku channel for artistic short films from emerging videographers and experimental work from established directors. Simple letter shapes read perfectly when sized for those small app buttons. To stand out on the visually busy streaming player screen, we grounded this logo in atypical pink. Reflections of kaleidoscopic bokeh symbolize Vyou’s creative bent.

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Protein Discovery

Developer of laboratory systems for analyzing complex, folded protein structures in pharmaceutical and life science research.

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Addison Elementary School

WHOOSH! We designed this “Super Incredible” new logo for the superhero-themed auction and a special-edition line of spirit apparel for Addison Elementary School’s fundraising drive. The school is our 2015 pay-it-forward project, and we think these incredible kids, parents and supporters are going to look ... well ... super in the irresistible logo wear.

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Developer of biosensors using thin films of gold leaf on flexible substrates.


This movie logo epitomizes the unique character of Cherry Grove, a community on Fire Island, New York, which became a safe haven for gays during 1960s through 90s when two men holding hands in public could result in arrest. In the documentary, residents share stories of typical weekend happenings: elaborate costume parties, flamboyant drag shows, celebrity visitors, and an infamous hookup spot.

Image design by Raygun Studio.

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Developer of drugs that reverse the skeletal thinning caused by osteoporosis by stimulating re-growth of new bone tissue.


Provider of web programming and development services.


A line of high-quality, gourmet foods originating from the Mediterranean celebrated by a signature red award ribbon.

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Personalized soccer clinics and training for individuals, small groups or teams in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Aroha Philanthropies

The foundation gives grants to non-profit organizations devoted to the transformative power of the arts across all ages. The Maori origin of the name sparked the unfurling koru fern shape, a symbol of new growth and life.


A new mark to celebrate the 25th milestone campaign for the Global Fund for Women.

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Medical device company using laser light to screen for diabetes non-invasively.

Mercator MedSystems

A medical device company offering targeted, microscopically precise delivery of drugs through injection into deep tissue.


Concept for a national café chain designed towards the specific needs for city bike commuters, serving top quality coffee drinks and quick-service food to on-the-go cyclists, combining mobile app ordering system with bike-through lanes for utmost convenience. Their brick and mortar café adds an urban oasis to refuel, energize, replenish accessories and service your bike.

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A collection of twelve, large-scale fine art works depicting iconic details of the devotions of our culture.

Marseille, Inc.

Developer of 4K video chips and the “golden eye” of video color approval that is revolutionizing the way video chips are designed and prototyped.

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Sierra Club / Trail Blazers Ball

Designing the logo and all event material for Sierra Club’s 2nd annual “green-tie” fundraiser was a fun adventure. This year’s theme — glamping — inspired retro-styled illustrations, typography and palette. One of our favorite pieces was the logo as a wooden entry sign.

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Promoter of Software-Defined Networking—an architecture that makes the Internet more manageable, dynamic and adaptable.

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Palo Alto
Soccer Club

The PASC emblem design has all the right moves. The winning shield communicates the club’s competitive spirit and dedication to developing sportsmanship, integrity, teamwork, and mad soccer skills among its youth. The logo's tree illustration commemorates the landmark redwood, El Palo Alto (tall stick in Spanish), after which the city was named. Score!

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Sierra Club / Trail Blazers Ball ’16

Event logo for this year’s Trail Blazer Ball — the Sierra Club’s annual fundraiser in San Francisco. Inspired by the active outdoor community and keynote speaker, Alex Honnold, this year’s theme adds a modern flair to the past years’ events.

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The Palo Alto Soccer Club and Juventus have joined forces to create Elite Regional Training (ERT), providing talented youth soccer players with the opportunity to play at higher levels and boost chances for admission to the National Soccer Academy. To reflect this merging of efforts, we combined elements from both clubs to create the “soccer ball” at the center of the logo.


An online retailer of top designer brand reading glasses for every occasion at clearance prices. Looking good never felt this great.

Meli Meli

A unique children's clothing line for girls marked by its whimsical and decidedly vintage approach to fabrics and silhouettes.

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Luminous Medical

Developer of optical, light-based critical care monitoring systems, measuring glucose levels during operations and in intensive care.

Leading online retailer of designer glasses and accessories.

Palo Alto Grill

Old world steakhouse in the heart of Silicon Valley.

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Demand Solutions Group

A consulting group specializing in turn-key on-demand solutions for business applications.

Global Fund for Women

A non-profit grant-making foundation advancing women's rights worldwide. The symbol is a twist on Atlas who labors under the weight of the globe while women around the world carry the load everyday with grace.

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Life Signals

A web-based platform for collection, analysis and digital transmission of heart data.

CGI Studio

A digital retouching and CGI studio fusing computer generated images, photography, and creative retouching for the best in photorealistic effects.


Advanced thermal backfill material used to keep underground power cables cool.


Technology to search scientific image databases not by keywords, but by image content such as color, texture, patterns and spatial relationships.


Yacht tour and charter service organizing adventure vacations in the Mediterranean. The owner, whose likeness we illustrated, found inspiration in the Jack London novel and his own name (Wolfgang) for the name of his business.

Antique Collective

An antique store on Union Square specializing in vintage furniture from the Victorian period in San Francisco history.


A project by Research Libraries Group—an online catalog of historic art of the world’s libraries, archives and museums—and a virtual treasure trove for researchers and historians.

X Development

Helping inventors bring their new and cool technology inventions to market.