Tompert Design


From large scale fabric panels flanking the stage to playful QB25 cardboard cubes designed as an interactive, Instagrammable logo, the entire design of the QB25 summit was bright and colorful, just like the scholars who attended. Stickers, silkscreened apparel, notebooks, and other branded swag rounded out the collection.

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Electrification 2018

Vinyl, fabric and paper were among the various substrates printed to amp up the venue of EPRI’s Electrification 2018, an international conference and expo. Pieces included a wide range of sizes from attendee nametags and buttons to swag like t-shirts and tote bags all the way up to large 40-foot indoor and outdoor hanging banners.

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Inkblaat / Insoles

Sweet smelling and stylish too! Our insole designs for Inkblaat put the fun in functional, fashionable footgear. Four-color printing on odor-controlling substrate. People will WANT you to take off your shoes now!

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No scratchy, bland glass-cleaning papers here, no way. Squintless sends out soft shammies with all their orders. Among the many designs we created are these bright, geometric and eyeglass shapes (printed four colors on cloth). They’re fun, sexy and easy to find in a dark purse or overstuffed drawer. For those that never put their glasses away, the ingenious cases can alternatively hold a smartphone. Makes you want to keep your glasses clean, doesn’t it?!

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This movie logo & poster epitomizes the unique character of Cherry Grove, a community on Fire Island, New York, which became a safe haven for gays during 1960s through 90s when two men holding hands in public could result in arrest. In the documentary, residents share stories of typical weekend happenings: elaborate costume parties, flamboyant drag shows, celebrity visitors, and an infamous hookup spot.

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A vibrant palette inspired by breathtaking landscape photography set an energetic tone on the save-the-date, invitation and program pieces. We kept our gala-goers active with a special scavenger hunt that had them exploring the event environs, meeting new people, and sharing it all on social media. 

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Yvonne Blaxter / Business Cards

Business cards for a consultant and writer for the life sciences industry.


Based on a superhero theme, we created this new logo for Addison Elementary School’s annual fundraising auction. The logo was screen printed on a special-edition line of spirit apparel to be worn by both kids and adults. The bright primary colors and fresh design approach were just what these “Super Incredible Kids” and their “Superhero Supporters” needed to summon their powers for educational excellence. (The palette we chose worked perfectly on all t-shirt color options.) Whoosh!

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Vascular Cures / Brochure

To help raise money for Vascular Cures, we created this brochure to educate recipients about the risks of vascular diseases and the need to support research in the field. The people featured in the photos are living with vascular diseases - their stories are woven throughout the piece.


Thanks to a well-placed slit in the diecut duplex cardboard, this tree could stand straight forever. Gold metallic foil adds just the right touch of holiday sparkle.


Following true north on our design map, we used retro-styled illustrations, typography and palette for the 2015 Trail Blazers Ball – Sierra Club’s annual “green-tie” fundraiser. With a “glamping” trip as our inspiration, the invitation was die cut in the shape of a tent that opened to reveal event logo and details. In keeping with Sierra Club’s mission, we chose 100% PCW recycled paper for all elements in the invite package, which also included a program schedule, sponsor list, reply card and envelope.

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XXV / Book

This 100+ page book was created to celebrate the 25-year milestone of Global Fund for Women. With five chapters featuring five different articles each, we focused on a wide variety of stories to cover the breadth and depth of the success of the Fund over their long tenure, ending on a future looking chapter.

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Institute for Diversity in the Arts, Stanford / Brochure

We created this full-color pamphlet to help educate people about IDA’s mission and promote their arts program.


Aroha Philanthropies gives grants to nonprofit organizations devoted to the transformative power of the arts and creativity. The earthy color palette fits beautifully with the organic shape of the logo – an unfurling koru fern that is a symbol of creation in the Māori culture. The creamy tone of this all-cotton stationery gives a warm visual look as well as a soft feel that reflects the humanity, kindness and compassion that centers their work with children and adults over 55.

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Institute for Diversity in the Arts / Posters

A series of posters promoting IDA’s dance and performance workshops.

Palo Alto Grill

Gold foil printing on soft black board for coasters and business card for this old-world steakhouse in the heart of downtown Palo Alto.

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Global Fund for Women / Kit

We created this promotion kit to include a series of brochures and information geared towards potential and existing major donors to the organization. We kept the design simple yet bold to catch viewers’ attention without being over the top.

SafeLogic / Coasters

These coasters were a promotional give away to engage users using common games that would teach them about SafeLogic’s information security business. We designed them using letterpress on soft board like high-end traditional coasters.

12LVE / Catalogs

We created a catalogue series for 12LVE using microscopic details on the covers from the high-resolution photography shown in the multi-city art exhibit of 12 large-scale digital fine art pieces.

GFW Outdoor / Poster

We created an outdoor poster using commissioned original origami art by Linda Mihara for their “We are just beginning to fly” promotion.

Global Fund for Women / Poster

This annual report poster used typography to form a map of the world, tracing the calligraphic letterform across the globe through each of the countries represented.

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Promotional Coasters

These decorative promotional coasters each contained drink recipes selected by the staff and complimented by the fruit featured on the front.

Institute for Diversity in the Arts / Posters

A series of posters promoting IDA’s hip hop workshops.

Clayman Institute, Stanford / Annual Report

We created the Annual Report for the Michelle R. Clayman Institute for Gender Research, an organization at Stanford University that creates knowledge and seeks to implement change to promote gender equality both nationally and internationally.

Holiday Card

This holiday card featured vintage-style die-cut ornaments to be hung on the tree or around the house to celebrate the holidays.

DVT / Press Kit

With 12 hospitals signed up for their trial, DVT required a comprehensive and flexible information package to educate physicians and patients about their product. The materials were designed to pay special attention to what could be used across all hospitals and what needed to be customized for each trial site.

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SFO / Ground Transportation Information Package

San Francisco International Airport commissioned new ground transportation information and scheduling pamphlets for all shuttle and cap services traveling in and out of the airport from all surrounding Bay Area locations.

Iris Photographic / Business System

We created this logo and stationary for a photo reproduction studio. While they’ve updated to digital now, we still love the embossing and vibrant colors of the film stock featured in this system.

Lymphedema Symposium / Collateral

We developed this collateral system for the Lymphedema Symposium. Lymphedema is an incurable condition affecting an estimated 170 million people worldwide. The symposium reviewed key findings in the treatment of the disease.

Wedding Announcement

These handmade wedding invitations were hand curled into heart shapes to whimsically observe this Valentine’s Day wedding celebration. They were mailed out in a small red box, just like they were a gift for the recipient. The invitation was featured in HOW and Print.

Twenty / Annual Report

TWENTY marked the 20th anniversary of the Global Fund for Women. We created the Annual Report that summarized their achievement over the past 20 years.

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Scimagix / Brochure

Scimagix is the leading provider of image informatics solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science industries. We developed their brochure using medical images from their searches.

Holiday Card

Holiday cards from creative studios should be good in order to live up to expectations. We developed a wheel design that allowed you to customize the message to whatever fits your particular style of holiday celebration.

ThermoForte / Business System

We created this logo for ThermoForte’s product, but they liked it so much they adopted it for the entire company. The stationary was developed using raised thermography.

RBM / Press Kit

RBM is a biomarker-testing lab providing reliable and consistent blood testing services for hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. With the single droplet of blood as the key image, the materials we developed were designed to be compelling yet straightforward so they would represent the brand accurately.

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Meli Meli / Promotion

We designed Meli Meli’s whimsical logo to complement the essence of the clothing, and extend the vintage playfulness across the entire identity, including this small but impactful promo. Thanks to the promo, business boomed from one rep in California to five reps nationwide, and from five boutiques to over 100 within just one season.

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Gentiae / Folder

Genitae monitors and manages cardiac data for clinical trials. The press kit we developed featured lenticular image insets that allowed users to see multiple medical images per square to help illustrate the breadth of their offerings.

Haas Center for Public Service, Stanford / Brochure System

The Haas Center for Public Service is Stanford University's most visible commitment to public and community service. We created a series of brochures to cover the different services and programs that they support.

Druckwerkstatt / Business System

We developed this award-winning stationary for a letterpress shop in Germany. It was recognized by Graphis Letterhead.